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Universal Silicone Keyboard Covers for typing | Protector Skin for 15.6″-17.3″ Laptop Notebook with Numeric Keypad Keyboard, Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Waterproof Dustproof, Clear.

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Price of this keyboard covers for typing

5.95 $ Only




Clear (15.6″-17.3″)

Compatible Devices

15.6″-17.3″ Laptop Notebook Keyboards



Special Feature


About this item

This product is designed to safeguard your notebook from various kinds of damage such as scratches, spills, dirt, food particles, and even insects. It’s incredibly thin and transparent, so it won’t interfere with your typing experience. The material it’s made of is a durable and flexible polyurethane, providing a comfortable feel while typing. It’s also easy to clean as it’s washable and can be removed without much hassle.

This cover is intended to fit a range of laptop keyboards, specifically those in the size range of 15 to 17.3 inches. The dimensions of the cover are approximately 365mm by 134mm (14.34 inches by 5.28 inches). However, it’s worth noting that this cover won’t fit laptops without a number pad. If your keyboard lacks a number pad, you’ll need to look for a different product. There are alternative options available for smaller laptops between 11.1 to 14.1 inches, and for regular-sized PC keyboards, there’s a separate product available as well.


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