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In this article, you will learn about Machine Learning & its applications or usage of Machine Learning in different fields or careers, such as health care, banking, telecommunication, Recommendation systems and so on. You’ll get a general overview of Machine Learning topics such as supervised vs unsupervised… in future so don’t worry it is just intro of the word Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning

In simple Machine learning can be defined as we train our computer to do or learn itself and give output to the user without being explicitly programmed using algorithms and prediction models such as Linear regression, Decision trees, etc. We will discuss it later; make. Make sure you have subscribed to our community or registered to our website so you can be updated when we do any activity on our website as it is free, and we will mail you.

Machine Learning

What Programming Languages can be use for ML

Numerous programming languages provide a framework for learning or getting in touch with machine learning using libraries and sources that those programming languages offer. Below is the list of all programming languages that provide libraries and frameworks to work with machine learning using re-built models and algorithms.

  1. Python
  2. R
  3. Julia
  4. Java
  5. C++
  6. C#
  8. Scala
  9. Go
  10. Ruby
  11. Rust
  12. Swift
  13. Kotlin
  14. JavaScript
  15. Scala

Among all the languages mentioned above, we can learn & work with the libraries and framework that these libraries provide. Still, among them, Python is an excellent choice for doing and learning machine learning from scratch.

Why Python for ML

As you know, Python is an advanced and dynamic language; its syntax is user friendly it provides huge and powerful libraries for working with machine learning, such as NumPy , Pandas, Scikit Learn & matplotlib for visualization, so What else do you need? You need to hand zone on Python programming libraries; time by time, you will be more confident and expert in machine learning. So we will use Python to learn machine learning concepts and algorithms in the future. Please don’t worry about the libraries of Python such as i discussed above NumPy , Pandas, Scikit Learn & matplotlib for visualization believe me we will discuss in future as they are detailed topic themselves so don’t worry you have to just keep knowledge that python is the best programming languages for learning concepts and for practical implementation of Machine Learning.

Application of ML

So let us know the applications of machine learning. It is widely used in every field nowadays; for example, consider a Youtube video recommendation system. It uses machine learning algorithms to suggest those videos that the user likes. So how does Youtube knows what videos should be displayed to their user? For example, you might use Facebook or Youtube. I am just explaining to you what the thing this is, when you use Facebook or Youtube, you see that there are videos of your interest, so how could the recommendation system of youtube or Facebook be capable of suggesting such videos just because of Machine Learning? Let’s see another example.

I hope you use Amazon for online shopping. So when you are first registered on it and see it automatically suggests some product to you according to by default per cent of every category, so when you enter a product of your interest, such as shoes, the next time when you open Amazon and scroll through your product section, you see a lot of shoe product related to your interest are displayed. So how could Amazon’s product recommendation or suggestion system know what products should be displayed to the user so it might have a greater chance that the user buys it? So in that way, all big companies are running today. I hope you are familiar with the word Machine Learning. Next, we will discuss the types of machine learning and why we use those types okay.

Machine Learning


So we conclude by saying that it is going to be a mass field and that all because of data in previous years or centuries there is not enough data but now even google have our billions of our data so these companies uses machine learning models to predict their next move output based on some features and labels what are features and labels we shall discuss later. But i just want to tell you if you have an interest in learning python so you could also learn this amazing skills just giving some time a day and keep doing hard work and practical hand zone on machine learning with python we are also with you in this journey so hope it will be good for us and specially you thanks.


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