C# Operators

C# Operators

Table of Contents Operators So In this chapter we are going to discuss about C# operators in detail but going to know about topic let’s discuss what is operator & why we use it. Operators are used in any programming language to perform operations on variables and values. C# Operators Now there are a lots […]

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C# User Input

C# User Input

Table of Contents What is C# User Input? As we have discussed in our How to take C# Output chapter that how to print on console using Console.WriteLine() method/function which is used to print any thing we want on our screen/console. Today we discuss in this chapter that how can we take C# User Input

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Type Casting in C#

Type Casting in C#

C# Type Casting Table of Contents What is Type Casting? First let discuss what is type casting? The meaning of Type Casting is to change one data type of a variable into another data type. Developers or programmers change data type according to their needs. Let us understand this with the help of a real practical

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Loop through List C#

Loop through List C#

Introduction to Loop through List C# In the realm of programming, efficient data manipulation is key, and one of the most fundamental tasks is traversing through a collection of items. In C#, a popular and versatile programming language, the process of looping through a list is an essential skill every developer should master. Whether you’re

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C# Data Types

C# Data Types

Before discussing C# Data Types, you should know the word datatype. So what is a data type? It is the type of data that a variable can store in the form of value. It can be of any kind, i.e., numerical data, textual data, character data, etc. I hope you got it. If you still have

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C# Variable

C# Variable

Now before going to discuss what a C# Variable in the context of programming language. We should know what the variable word means in the context of Programming language. Variable in General Programming language A Variable is a particular container with a datatype and name, and a value that can be stored in it is

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C# Syntax

C# Syntax

In the previous article, we created a C# file called Program.cs, and we used the following code to print “Hello World” to the screen: if you have not read here is link go through it/click it. PREVIOUS ARTICLE now we are going to know the C# Syntax ok. C# Syntax And output of this Program.cs

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introduction to c#

Introduction to C#

What is C# C# (C-Sharp) is a programming language developed by Microsoft Company that runs on the .NET Framework. it is used to develop web applications, desktop application, mobile application, games and much more. Now describing more about Introduction to C# lets overlook why we have to use it or what is the purpose of

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